Desperate mum says benefits ‘not enough’ as she’s forced into debt over school uniform

A mum says the ongoing cost of living crisis has forced her into debt as she struggles to pay for everyday items such as school uniforms.

Millions of parents are continuing to panic over finding enough money to pay for their every day bills.

Several have taken to cutting down their own meals or heating to make sure their children do not go without.

One of those is mother Karen Louise Hollis, 52, who said the crisis has forced her into debt.

She told the Independent : “There are just days I can’t look at my bank. Because I’m thinking, ‘How am I going to get shopping this week?’

“When I’m reading Liz Truss ’s comments, I’m a bit terrified. Because I can’t cope on what I get now. If she decreases or doesn’t increase [benefits] with inflation, I’m really going to be struggling.

“I’ve got into a bit of debt. Not loads but enough that’s a bit worrying and that’s just buying things like school uniforms [and] shoes.”

Earlier this week a desperate couple with a toddler was forced to sleep in their car with just a few of their belongings as a result of the cost of living crisis .

The family was found sleeping in a Kia in Leeds and were using clothes to keep warm, a team supporting vulnerable citizens said.

It is feared more and more families in the UK will end up homeless due to the rising cost of bills , food, and mortgages, as many households are struggling to make end’s meet.

Vulnerable Citizen Support Leeds said it received a report about two adults sleeping rough in their car in the city.

However, when it arrived to evaluate the situation, it realised there was also a small toddler with them, Leeds Live reported.

It comes as Trading Standards warned of a rise in the number of scams such as fraudulent energy rebate text messages, rogue doorstep sellers and loan sharks as a result of the crisis.

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) said they are likely to continue targeting the vulnerable in the coming weeks.

CTSI chief executive John Herriman said: “The cost-of-living crisis risks a significant rise in consumer detriment that the UK has not seen for decades.

!For the unscrupulous, current circumstances are opportunities to scrupulously profit from the most vulnerable.

“Local Trading Standards services working in partnership with other agencies have continually risen to the challenges of protecting consumers but this has become increasingly difficult as gaps in consumer protection are emerging.”