Matt Canada: I feel really good that we made corrections we need to make

Questions about who should shoulder the blame for the sluggish start by the Steelers offense have been swirling this week and one of the candidates discussed the unit’s struggles during a session with reporters on Thursday.

Offensive coordinator Matt Canada said he wasn’t interested in assigning fault for what has gone wrong in the team’s first three games and that he has “great faith” that the team will thrive when everything is “in the right place at the right time.”

“I’m not going to come up here and say ‘this should have happened, this should have happened’,” Canada said, via 93.7 The Fan. “I’m in charge. We are not producing. I’m good with that. I’m not going to do that. We had a great meeting Monday. We are not where we want to be, players see that. We know where we are. I’m not going to do that out here. We do that inside and I feel really good that we made the corrections we need to make. Until we see it on Sunday, it doesn’t matter.”

Canada’s last point is the most significant one. As long as the Steelers fall short in games, there will be calls for new voices calling plays and new players to execute them